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Microsemi Corporation was founded in 1960 and is one of the leading providers of highly reliable discrete and analog (including digital-to-analogue) electronic components for special purpose composite systems. The corporation operates production bases in the USA (Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Arizona), China and Ireland, and integrates the White Electronic Designs, Actel and Endwave brands (produces protection devices).

The TimeProvider® 4100 is Microsemi's next generation timing equipment. The TimeProvider® 4100 allows you to receive signals from a variety of timing sources, including GPS, SyncE, PTP protocols (IEEE 1588 v2), E1 channels and then distribute them over the network...
Based on the latest Microsemi technology, the TimeCesium® 4400 is a stand-alone G.811 primary reference clock source for today's network services. The TimeCesium 4400 produces accurate, spectrally pure and stable output signals using a cesium beam tube resonator....
Further PRTC TimeSource (ePRTC) enhancements to the recently adopted ITU-T Recommendation G.8272.1 for advanced first reference years and providing a unique solution for GNSS telecom and mobile networks. Vikoristovuyuchi innovative pidhіd to "generation of the...