Further PRTC TimeSource (ePRTC) enhancements to the recently adopted ITU-T Recommendation G.8272.1 for advanced first reference years and providing a unique solution for GNSS telecom and mobile networks. Vikoristovuyuchi innovative pidhіd to "generation of the hour" by the way of folding the water scale to the hour, as it is based on high-performance cesium frequency standards and is satisfied with the hour GNSS, TimeSource ePRTC provides a secure autonomous, secure and water-resistant standard for synchronization of the frequency, clock.

Acts of key functions include:

  • Gives an offline time scale for hour, phase and frequency to work without GNSS availability
  • I turn over the vimogi, appointed by ITU G.8272.1
  • Pratsiuє with one or two inputs of the cesium year
  • Reserve entrances
  • Available in ETSI and ANSI form factors
  • Total management of a network with multiple channels of the TimeSictra synchronization management system from Microsemi